WEB interface

In many projects, there was a need for specialized controllers. Moreover, serial PLCs were not suitable for many reasons. The result is a family of industrial controllers for various purposes. The controllers have a WEB management interface. A mnemonic scheme for object management has been implemented. Uses SVG + DOM technology for client side browser only control. The software is implemented only in the C language without using any operating systems. This required the implementation of many subsystems. Such as TCP / IP protocol stack, NAND memory support. The file system is FAT16 / 32. And many others.

Expansion cards support a wide range of digital and analog inputs. Temperature sensor inputs. Power keys for controlling peripherals.

System management and software update is possible via the WEB interface. Also implemented an FTP server for updating documentation files in the controller’s internal storage.

Controller appearance:

The controllers are built on various microcontrollers or processors. Base controllers use STM32F107 or STM32F407.

Controller without control board:

The controller has a single processor board with modules located on it: a power regulator, a microcontroller, an Ethernet unit (on LAN8710A / LAN8720A), a memory array based on Data Flash chips, a basic RS485 interface, transition connectors for the lower interface board and the upper operational control board with LCD indicator and buttons. The operational control board is optional and was only used in some cases.

Controller network settings page:

Remote control of the object:

The speed of the STM32F407 based controllers is quite sufficient for playing Full HD video in a browser. In this case, the files are stored on the controller’s SD card: