Code and board examples

One of the pages of the diagram. In this case, half bridge AC brushless motor control.

Electronic board. 4 layers. Option for manual assembly.

Simple FTP server (RAW LwIP interface). The implemented set of commands allows working with Total Commander as a client. Various file stores are supported. (This is one of the implementations for storing the file system in the W25Q64 chip and on the SD card.) (sorry for the Russian comments in the code)

An example of working with the W25Q64 chip while storing the file system and blocks of additional information on it at the same time.

A simple Python server. It allows organizing access to the WEB interfaces of my devices without the need to provide access to the device’s IP address from the network. At the same time, the device itself maintains one FTP connection with the server (normal access to the Internet behind the provider’s NAT server). All open TCP connections from the browser are processed in FIFO order over one pipe. This ensures stable operation of any browser even at low access speeds from the device. Operation via GSM modem is possible.

Simple video processing when determining the rolled roulette number (C++)