About Me

Bobrovnik Petr Petrovich

Was born in 1971.

Graduated from Moscow State Technical University. N.E.Bauman in 1995. Department of Materials and Technological Processes in the specialty Electronic Mechanical Engineering (MT-11)

Practical experience
From 1995 to 2004 he worked as the head of the technical department of the trading network “Электронный двор” and “Кухонный двор” (www.e-dvor.ru www.kuxni.net) Developed and supported the operation of the accounting program based on FoxPro, and then 1C. Practical experience with MS SQL. Writing drivers for working with retail equipment (barcode scanners, label printers, magnetic card readers, POS terminals, autonomous fiscal registers). Construction and maintenance of local networks. Administration of networks based on Win2000 Server and Win2003 Server. Creation and maintenance of databases is quite an interesting and responsible job, but I do not consider this to be my main calling.

From 2004 to the present day I am engaged in the development of various electronic equipment and software development. Developments have been done for various companies over the years. But in essence I am a freelancer. A brief description of some of the developments can be found on this site. All devices are made from beginning. Experience in communicating with the customer, understanding his needs and building a well-developed technical task. Planning the block diagram of the device and general construction. Dividing the task into stages and planning the time of work execution at each stage of development.

Microcontrollers and chip families:
– STM controllers, all families.
– Microchip all families from PIC10 to PIC32
– Atmel all families
– NXP (Philips) based on ARM core (LPC2K)
– Microprocessors Texas Instruments (TMS)
– Xilinx programmable logic chips
– I used a large number of different auxiliary microcircuits (DRAM memory, Flash memory, RTC, video processors, CCD chips, various sensors, GSM modems, etc.)
– Experience in creating power units for controlling DC motors, stepper motors
– Creation of multiphase pulsed DC power supplies 1000W and more

Development and simulation tools:
– IDE IAR, Keil
– MPLAB IDE for “Microchip Technology” microcontrollers
– C++ Builder
– All popular C / C ++ compilers (Hi-Tech PICC/PICC18, MPLAB C18/C30/C32)
– Knowledge of assembler for most Microchip controller families
– RTOS, used different operating systems for one crystal controllers (jacOS, TNKernel, OSA)
– ISE IDE for creating and synthesizing models for FPGA Xilinx
– PCAD 4.5, 2000-2006, Spectra (automatic tracing)
– Altium Designer development of circuitry, PCB topology, 3D PCB design, component libraries.
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Illustrator
– Corel Draw

Programming languages ​​and equipment descriptions:
– С / С ++, I write understandable and documented code.
– Pascal (DELPHI), has experience in creating large software products on it.
– Java, I know HTML, CSS perfectly
– VHDL, experience in creating complex models for Xilinx FPGA
– Some Phyton programming experience

Operating systems and interfaces:
– I know Win32 API, COM technology very well. 
– DirectShow video capture and processing, creation of your own filters.
– DirectX
– Work with USB, software support from both MK and PC.
– I know the TCP / IP stack very well, created my own implementation of the WEB server
– Extensive experience with embedded operating systems of the Win Embedded family. Collecting target platform data and creating configurations. Creation of own components for new equipment and component of work programs.

Extra skills:
– Digital and analog circuitry
– Significant experience with graphics for Win API
– Extensive practical experience in creating image recognition systems
– Free reading of technical literature on English. Business correspondence. Oral communication